In order to make this little deal run smoothly and generate some funds to buy more guns for me to write about, I have to implement some advertisements on the site. The unfortunate reality is that ads keep the lights on.

My aim is to make them as unobtrusive as possible so they don’t interfere with the viewing experience. Accordingly, I will be basing my decision of what ads to implement based on that criteria, as well as relevancy. I certainly don’t visit other websites to look at ads and I surmise that if you are like me, you’re the same way.

With that being said, I do love writing about these things because firearms are my passion, but I do need the income since this is a one man show and I have bills to pay (thank you, student loans!). If you happen to be running a program on your browser such as Adblock Plus that makes it so you do not see ads, please turn it off while viewing this website. You won’t have to click on any of them unless you see something you like (and I hope you do; I may even find ads for stuff I like!) and the only pop-ups I will permit on here will be strictly related to the website. I’m toying with the idea of potentially running an email list/newsletter (no spam, garbage, etc.) in the future if there is palpable interest, which is about the only reason why I would even consider using a pop-up that would appear to visitors. Quite frankly, pop-ups annoy the crap out of me.

As for new product reviews, I will more than likely be conducing a few and they will more often than not contain referrals. However, this does not mean I will cease to be impartial. If it sucks, you won’t hear me singing its praises just because there’s a paycheck on the line. I believe that honesty is the best policy.

With more content in the future and an expanding audience, I hope this venture becomes mutually beneficial. I put up my content with some ads, you enjoy the content in question, I make a little money, and then use it to buy more stuff to write about for your viewing and my testing pleasure. Maybe even rub elbows with manufacturers and cozy up with some fresh T&E guns like the big boys do. Once we get to that stage, I would be happy to take requests from you all if there is a particular gun you’re clamoring to know about. I could even set up polls if need be so you have a voice. I’m a gun nut first and entrepreneur second.

Thank you all for your continued support. This is going to be fun.

All the best to you!




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